Clear CDP Agent Data

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If you've stumbled across this page, you know what a dream the CDP appliance can be for a backup and restore solution.  You also might be aware of what a pain it can be when the appliance gives you an error while you're attempting to remove some data or delete an agent.

After several calls to Sonicwall support for the same issue, I was finally given the method they use for solving this problem.

First, you need to install Putty.  It's free, you can download it from:

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RDP Task Manager

by Vince
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It's the little things we take for granted such as pulling up Task Manager when the explorer.exe process has crashed.

On a standard workstation, I would hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, Task Manager would launch which would then allow me to kill the process.

With explorer.exe terminated:

- select the File Menu
- select New Task
- in the Open field, enter:  explorer.exe
- click Ok

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