Security management

We provide vulnerability assessments, penetration testing services, and adversary emulation, for peace of mind, risk management, and regulatory compliance.  Our assessments will give you an accurate understanding of your current security posture and help you focus your attention on the real-world risks.

Employee education

And because your employees are often your first line of defense - or weakness – we offer employee education in computer security, awareness training, and corporate security policies.

Managed services

We monitor and manage security devices and security software including:  firewalls, intrusion detection systems, virtual private networks, and endpoint protection.  We provide continuous and scheduled vulnerability and endpoint scanning. 

Phishing simulation

Phishing is the low hanging fruit and as such, we run continuous phishing campaigns to educate employees on how to detect malicious emails and also on how to report them.  Our campaigns run quarterly with each user's experience often differing from another in order to truly understand the level of knowledge throughout an organization.