I stumbled upon this tool while following a link to a website that performs passive scans on various content management systems.  Instead of keeping their scanning technique a mystery, they list a bunch of open source tools that they leverage in parallel.  In addition to Joomscan which is something I already use, they mentioned JoomlaVS. 

    The description states:  "JoomlaVS is a Ruby application that can help automate assessing how vulnerable a Joomla installation is to exploitation. It supports basic finger printing and can scan for vulnerabilities in components, modules and templates as well as vulnerabilities that exist within Joomla itself."

    There was a time when almost everyone had on an on-premises Exchange Server.  Out of the box, Exchange Server isn't very secure for any number of reasons and even when you harden Active Directory, Exchange is still somewhat vulnerable.  When hosted Exchange solutions became en vogue, we started migrating everyone off of their on-prem boxes and a small weight was removed from our shoulders. 

    Truth be told, I haven't attacked a hosted Exchange solution -- mostly because that's a grey area and it isn't necessary, phishing will do just fine.  But when we're talking about on-prem Exchange, we'll do a little recon and then we'll go after Outlook Web Access. 

    I've been poking around HTB lately.  As I was Googling things and looking at the different boxes in the retired section, I saw a mention of Bank.  I think I started Bank at some point because the first couple of steps with DNS seemed vaguely familiar but sometimes I get pulled away from play time and I don't finish what I started.  So anyway, I had a free minute and started over again yesterday and I'm glad I found my way back because it was fun.  A little unrealistic as these things go sometimes but not annoyingly so. 

    It's been some time since I've been on HTB.  Mostly because I tried to get as far as I could in a month on TryHackMe.  I made it to #73 overall and then I stopped so I'm sure I've fallen a bit since then.  TryHackMe is a good platform to round out your knowledge and it's quite a bit more friendly than say HTB.  That being said, this box, Celestial, is straightforward which is atypical for HTB.  Not only that, the low privilege shell is an attack I don't think I've performed previously.  Maybe there's something on Pentesterlab and when I'm done, I'm going to check it out to confirm or deny. 

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