HackMyVM Connection Walkthrough

    The description for this one states:  "Nice and easy VM ;)"

    This is a beginner friendly box and it can be conquered in a few short steps.  There's a website that can help, GTFOBins.  If you're not familiar with this site, it will help you escalate privileges with misconfigured binaries. 

    Kicking off with Nmap:

    Exposed Samba might have something to offer. 

    Looking for shares:

    We find a share that's pointing to the web directory, we upload a shell. 

    We hit the shell from the browser:

    We catch the shell, clean up our connection and search for binaries with misconfigured binaries:

    Using GTFOBins, we attempt to privilege escalate:

    We are successful. 

    One last thing to do:

    That's a wrap.

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