You get a shell on a linux box, you attempt to upgrade the shell to meterpreter using the command "sessions -u", and then you receive the following error:

"Shells on the target platform, linux, cannot be upgraded to meterpreter at this time."

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Sometimes you come across something weird and this was definitely one of those instances.  I honestly don't know what I did to get here but I found myself unable to drag and drop icons.  I attempted to drag an item to the recycle bin but no such luck.

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I remember when I would get this error -- seemed like the kiss of death as far as trying to maneuver once I got a shell.  I'd flounder around, trying to figure out how to accomplish the task at hand but this issue would severely limit my ability.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered the cause -- you don't have a TTY.   What do you do?

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I attempted to install a software package on a server and the installation failed due to an existing application using the desired port.  Since it was a non-standard port, I didn't know what was using the port but I needed to find it and either kill it or move it.

Let's say for example, we're looking for the process living on port 3389 (the remote desktop / terminal services port).  First, we run:

netstat -ano | findstr :3389

The return should present you with several lines.  One of them should look like this:

TCP    LISTENING    [processid]

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There are quite a few reverse shell examples available to you on the Internet.  You can also find a large collection under /usr/share/webshells on the Kali Linux distro.  That said, the other day, I need a small perl script to insert into an application which I could trigger.  A one liner wouldn’t work and the more elaborate examples also wouldn’t work.  I came up with the following from something I found in a search, hopefully you can put this to good use. 

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Kind of an odd issue.  Ran:

sudo apt-get update

And was presented with:

W: Failed to fetch  Hash Sum mismatch

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