Network segmentation is common in the enterprise but becoming more common in smaller environments.  If I compromise a box in my local segment and that box has access to another segment, we can use port forwarding to leap frog across.

    The typical example has us making an actual connection which ties up one of our terminal sessions with an open ssh connection.  Fine, we can spawn a bunch of terminal sessions but we can also background it.

    I've spent a number of years bouncing back and forth between *nix machines and Windows machines.  But after the 90's, Windows really took hold and I've spent more hours on Windows than anything else and yet when I get a shell on a Windows machine, I feel like I have less control.  Scratch that, I HAVE less control but I can get what I want from outside of the box through PowerShell.

    I managed to find a small hole in a web application that appeared as if it wold allow me to execute commands on the local machine.  I tried a simple reverse shell but no joy.  Taking it down to a very basic level, I tried to ping but I needed to capture my ping requests on the other end.  

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