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    Token impersonation is a technique that allows one user to impersonate another user -- assuming they have the privileges to do so.  In this post, we're going to use Meterpreter but this can be done with other tools as well.  I believe PowerSploit has Invoke-TokenManipulation.ps1 which will do something along the same lines.  Aside from an improper configuration, we could run into this situation where a service account has privileges, we take over that service account, and from there, we can elevate to administrator or NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.

    We drop onto a machine, we run whoami /priv and we discover:

    SeImpersonatePrivilege set to Enabled.

    We fire up Metasploit and we toss back a shell:

    According to Offensive Security:  "Incognito was originally a stand-alone application that allowed you to impersonate user tokens when successfully compromising a system. This was integrated into Metasploit and ultimately into Meterpreter."

    We launch incognito and we list available tokens:

    Excellent!  Administrators is available.  We impersonate the token for Administrators and when we try to move into the shell, we sort of get denied:

    i say sort of but we don't get a shell -- we just don't get an error.  The problem is that we're stuck between two worlds and we need to migrate into another process.  We list processes:

    We migrate into one currently in use by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM and when we execute shell:

    We've successfully managed to complete the impersonation. 

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