Nmap XML to CSV

    Nmap - xml2csv : "Converts Nmap XML output to csv file, and other useful functions. Ignores hosts that are down and ports that are not open."

    A friend showed me this tool the other night and it's kind of funny because I was just looking for something like this but didn't find it when searching.  I normally use the -oN flag to output to a file but I was wishing for a better way to organize the data and poof, here it is...

    We perform whatever scan we like and we choose the -oX option to output to XML:

    When the scan is finished, we then execute the following:

    And when we open it up in Excel, we see the following:

    He took this a step or two further with pivot tables which will become obvious when you look at this:

    What a fantastic way to organize the data from the Nmap output! 

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