Fix Active Directory DNS

    Have you ever noticed those odd folders under Active Directory DNS such as:


    Those are important -- don't delete them!

    I was in the process of migrating an older, and failing, Windows 2003 domain controller to a secondary Windows 2003 domain controller when I encountered a problem.  After a brief search, I discovered the folders I mentioned above were missing from the replacement server's DNS.

    I ran the following commands:

    dcdiag /fix
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /registerdns

    At this point you can restart the server or you can launch services and restart the Server service.  Be certain after it restarts that the following services have also restarted:

    Net Logon
    Distributed File System
    Computer Browser

    As a parting comment, I should mention that I have not attempted this sequence on a more recent DNS server.  In fact, I've only encountered this problem a few times and in all instances they were 2003 servers.

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